Legalization: 3 Reasons You Need Cannabis Security Solutions for Your Dispensary

In 2012, Colorado became the first state to legalize recreational cannabis. As you might expect, this led to the Centennial state developing a bustling legal cannabis industry. Many bold investors and entrepreneurs decided to get involved in this industry, with great success.

Despite being legal for nearly a decade, the Colorado cannabis industry still faces persistent threats from various criminal elements. These threats make having reliable security solutions for your dispensary a must. We detail the top three reasons why you need to partner with Patriot Shield Security below.

1. Cannabis Dispensaries Are a High-Risk Industry

The legal cannabis industry is still considered a high-risk market. This phrase is not just a popular term to throw around. The cannabis industry is officially deemed to be high-risk by numerous financial organizations, including the major credit/debit card processors.

This status means that you will have difficulty finding a payment processing team and will likely do a lot of business in cash. Having a cash heavy business model can be convenient for customers. However, it also presents numerous logistical issues.

Armed security can deter internal and external crime. When dealing in cash, a single heist could cause profit losses so severe that you could never recover. Opting for armed security and 24/7 video monitoring can protect your assets and alleviate the risk of operating a cash-only business.

2. Cannabis Dispensaries Are a Popular Target for Crime

Your dispensary is not just a hot target because of the large amounts of cash. Cannabis itself is a popular commodity that is extremely easy for criminals to resale. This means that criminals may attempt to enter your business after-hours.

Preventing after-hours business burglaries requires a multi-faceted approach. In addition to a security patrol, you could protect your business with video cameras. You should also take steps to make your dispensary a hard target. Patriot Shield Security can help with our threat assessment services and security patrols.

3. Security Solutions Can Protect Your Product and Customers

As noted above, your product is just as big of a draw for crime as your cash. Protecting both is a must if you want to achieve sustained success and capitalize on the lucrative cannabis market.

Incorporating reliable security solutions has additional benefits, as it can protect your most valuable asset, your customers. If your dispensary gains a reputation for being unsafe, customers will not want to do business there. A single business-hours robbery could ruin your brand and have lasting effects on future business.

Be proactive and hire a reliable security firm. Since your dispensary contains both cash and a valuable product, you should opt for armed security. This is the most effective deterrent and can be invaluable to the success of your business.

Colorado Marijuana Security

If you are looking for a first-class security solutions company for your dispensary, then you need Patriot Shield Security. Our skilled security personnel have the training and knowledge to protect your cash, product, and customers. Contact us today if you would like to learn more or obtain a quote.


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