Hemp is being harvested in nearly every state in the country right now. Hemp farming quadrupled in 2019, with a total of forty-six states allowing hemp cultivation. While at this point in the season farmers are focused on successful harvest logistics; ancillary service providers are geared up and ready to support the industry.
Hemp harvest and finished product production often do not take place on the same property. Even if the farm facilities are vertically integrated. Because of this, many hemp grow operations do not dry, trim, cure or do packaging at the same location as the the farm. Some states even prohibit this. This adds an additional set of coordinated efforts between farmers, service providers, and purchasers that must be completed in ideal synchronicity to prevent loss in profitability. Regardless of the steps in a farmers “seed to sale” process, transportation of this highly profitable crop is inevitable. The most current Farm Bill from 2018 states in Section 10114 (b):
“TRANSPORTATION OF HEMP AND HEMP PRODUCTS.—No State or Indian Tribe shall prohibit the transportation or shipment of hemp or hemp products….”

Secure Hemp Transport

Pursuant to the understanding that lawfully grown hemp can be transported from coast to coast legally, it should be a simple task to move your legal hemp to its next stop, right? Truth is, not so much. The interpretation of the 2018 Farm Bill is that with required paperwork in hand – transportation should be a breeze. However the number of transportations gone wrong is growing daily. From missing product to getting arrested or being robbed – the potential risk is immense. Transportation logistics is a specialty field all on its own, and with the burgeoning responsibilities on Hempreneurs in any position – this task should be left to the professionals.
Not just any transportation company can handle the complexity involved in moving harvested hemp across town or across the country. At Patriot Shield every single transporter is a highly trained seasoned combat veteran, not just your average Joe. All of our tracked transport trucks are climate controlled for optimal environment qualities. Patriot Shield’s trackers track the exact location of the shipment as well as humidity and temperature of the truck. For added security and confidence, each Agricultural Bin or Super Sac that holds the product has its own tracker that tracks the bins specific humidity and temperature.
Hemp like any other perishable crop needs to be handled with care and expertise, especially because this crop is one of the most valuable commodities in the country right now. As processing infrastructure begins to catch up to available supply, the hemp industry will continue to grow far beyond the expectations of many. In this industry cutting corners means loss of potential and utilizing proper transportation becomes a preventative measure.
This high tech, high security transportation service is not just a convenience, it is a necessity for successful transactions. Farmers, buyers, sellers, extraction labs, and everyone in between can benefit from using Patriot Shield’s trackable, secure, climate controlled hemp transportation services. We specialize in hemp transportation and as leaders in the transportation industry – our services ensure successful movement of hemp crops no matter their destination.

Written by: Natasha Winkler