5 Ways to Reduce Risk by Becoming a Hard Target

Modern businesses are facing threats on multiple fronts, such as an increasing frequency of workplace violence. Protecting your clients and employees from these threats requires active shooter security, video monitoring services, and other defensive measures.

With that in mind, Patriot Shield Security has compiled this list of ways that you can make your facility a hard target. Read on to learn how you can better protect your assets and find out how we can help.

1.  Secure Your Perimeter

The first security measure that you should institute is securing your perimeter. If you have a fence or wall, ensure that all gates are locked when not in use. Even the most well-built walls are useless if you leave the gate open. Whether you are in charge of a church, school, or dispensary, task an employee with walking the perimeter periodically throughout the day to ensure your perimeter is secure.

2.  Install Security Cameras

Installing security cameras is another great way of making your business a hard target. Cameras serve two purposes. They give you a comprehensive view of your building’s interior and exterior. Having visible security cameras will also deter criminals as they will know that there is a greater chance of being caught.

A quality camera system is only as good as the monitoring service. While you can assign someone to watch the cameras, many businesses opt for third-party monitoring services. Having a professional on the lookout is much more effective.

3.  Strategically Place Lighting

Speaking of deterrents, well-placed lighting is a must. This is especially important if you have guests or employees coming and going after dark. You need quality lighting near all entrances and exits. The parking lot should be illuminated as well.

Criminals rely on the ability to come and go without being seen. By addressing lighting concerns, you can deter vehicle burglaries and other property crimes that require stealth.

4.  Reinforce Windows and Front Door

All of our tips listed above are great for protecting employees and customers. But what happens to your valuable products when your business is unoccupied? Protecting that will require reinforcing your structure to supplement the security cameras and lighting. Doing so will give the authorities time to respond and prevent entry to your building.

While putting bars on your windows may be your first thought, this can ruin the appeal of your business. Instead, you should consider shutters or window film to prevent your windows from being shattered. In addition, you should replace your front door with a solid core or steel variant.

5.  Invest in Armed Security

When it comes to making your facility a hard target, the most effective approach is to hire armed security. That’s where we come in. Patriot Shield Security provides armed security in Colorado.

We have a proven track record of success and routinely provide cannabis security services. We also provide school and church security in Colorado. Our experts can even outfit your facility with security cameras and provide 24/7 monitoring. Contact us today for a free quote.


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