5 Surprising Places to Use Video Security Tools

With security technology becoming more advanced and affordable, more and more organizations are incorporating them into their facilities. Having a reliable video security system is a great way of protecting your guests and assets.

While everyone understands the needs for these systems in banks, jewelry stores, and pawn shops, there are many other facilities that can benefit from security tools. The following are five surprising places that should use security cameras.

1.  Churches

For decades, places of worship have generally been immune to crime trends and acts of violence. Unfortunately, several active shooter incidents have resulted in dozens of deaths. Improved security protocols such as video cameras and armed security could have prevented these incidents.

If you are responsible for security protocols at your church, you should consider implementing video security tools. Doing so can deter after-hours crimes like vandalism while also reducing the chances of an active shooter scenario.

2.  Schools

Like churches, schools have also seen an uptick in criminal activity in recent years. Whether you are looking to devise an early-warning system for a threat against students or simply prevent vandalism, you should consider a video security system. These cameras can deter crime and help you identify perpetrators of any illicit activity.

3.  Dispensaries

The widespread legalization of recreational cannabis has created a lucrative industry that deals heavily in cash. With that said, any dispensary, cultivation area, or manufacturing facility should implement an extensive security camera network. Doing so can maximize your profitability and deter criminal activity.

Camera systems and monitoring services are surprisingly affordable, especially when compared to the cost of a business burglary or robbery. Do not wait until a crime derails your new business venture. Invest in adequate cannabis security guarding, such as armed security and video security tools. You’ll be glad you did.

4.  Restaurants

While modern restaurants typically do not handle large amounts of cash, they can still benefit from security tools. Whether you are guarding against employee theft or outside criminal activity, doing so will require adequate video security tools.

Cameras should be strategically placed around the perimeter and also inside the business. You should address high traffic areas, such as the main entrance and delivery area. Any areas where cash is counted, such as a rear office, should also receive camera coverage.

5.  Electronic Repair Stores

Most gaming and electronic device stores have security systems in place. This may include cameras, security shutters, and other deterrents. However, many repair stores fail to take adequate security measures.

Despite the fact that your business handles primarily broken equipment, you are still a target for criminals. Whether they are looking for expensive tools, hardware, or refurbished devices, they may come looking for them within your business. Installing video security tools can deter crime or help catch the perpetrators after the fact.

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