Protecting Your Property: 6 Ways Security Patrols Can Help

Modern technology has led to the creation and implementation of many advanced security devices. Motion sensors, video cameras, and automated locks are just a few examples of this equipment.

While all of these devices can help secure your facility, having physical on-site security is still the most effective way of protecting your property. Many business owners think that this means having a stationary guard sitting in a booth during the midnight hours.

However, a stationary guard is not the most practical method of providing physical security. A quality security solutions company will provide thorough patrols, which can effectively protect your property. These mobile patrols will perform a variety of tasks to guard your property and staff.

1.  Fast Response

One of the most apparent benefits of a mobile patrol team is fast response times. Unlike a foot patrol, a vehicle-based patrol approach allows your security team to get to a problem quickly. This response can scare off any would-be assailants and prevent thefts.

2.  Deter Crime

Mobile patrols also serve to deter crime. Security vehicles are meant to be conspicuous, which is why they often have a flashing orange light and reflective signage.

Having an armed security officer performing irregular patrols can make it difficult for a criminal to make off with valuable property. You do not want guards to be in the same place at the same time night after night. Predictability makes it easier for criminals to infiltrate security measures.

3.  Improve Employee Safety

Having regular security patrols will improve employee safety and morale. This is especially important if you have employees coming and going in the early morning or late evening. Your staff will be grateful that there is someone patrolling the lots and watching over them and their vehicles.

4.  Provide Emergency Aid

Many armed security personnel are trained in basic first aid practices. Some are even equipped with AEDs (automated external defibrillators). If an employee or customer is experiencing a medical emergency, a security patrol can render immediate aid and contact EMS.

5.  Verify Legitimacy of Visitors

A security patrol can also ensure that everyone on your property is supposed to be there. This process is made easier if you institute an ID policy on your campus. If they observe someone that is not in normal business attire or not displaying a company ID, then they can ensure that they are authorized to be there.

6.  Active Shooter Response

Having a mobile armed guard is an excellent means of addressing active shooter scenarios. They will be able to rapidly respond to any incident. In addition, mobile security patrols can discourage active shooters from victimizing your property entirely. An armed security guard will be able to respond much faster than law enforcement personnel, thereby saving lives and stopping the threat.

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