Insurance Benefits from Video Monitoring Services

Owning a business presents many challenges. From pleasing customers to maintaining adequate inventory, you have your hands full. These hurdles can be compounded when your business is victimized by a criminal element. Fortunately, you have insurance.

However, insurance may not cover everything. To make matters worse, filing a claim can result in your rates going up. With that said, many businesses are achieving better rates and reducing the number of claims that they have to file with video monitoring services. This modern security solution is more affordable than you might expect and can save you thousands.

Deter & Detect Theft

As a retailer, you have undoubtedly experienced retail theft. This can involve the loss of a few items or thousands of dollars in merchandise. By incorporating a security camera system and video monitoring service into your business strategies, you can reduce the risk of theft.

Video monitoring services reduce shoplifting in two ways. The first is that it can deter the crime altogether. The second is that it will help you catch criminals in the act, allowing you to recover merchandise and reduce the need for insurance claims.

Reduce the Risk of Fraud

A video monitoring service does not just protect against shoplifters. It can also reduce the chances of fraud, which is a serious threat to the modern retailer. Fraudulent transactions and returns can be perpetrated by both customers and employees. This means that cameras should be placed in strategic locations to cover cash registers, return areas, and any other high-risk section of the store.

Since fraudulent transactions often involve hundreds if not thousands of dollars, these crimes can result in huge insurance claims. Protect your bottom line and keep insurance rates down with video monitoring services.

Protect Against After-Hours Burglary

Having a high-quality video monitoring service is great for after-hours issues as well. Burglaries can be especially damaging to your business, and your insurance rates. During these incidents, criminals have the opportunity to make their way through your entire store, making off with thousands in merchandise.

To make matters worse, many burglaries involve forced entry, which means you will be replacing damaged locks or broken windows. A single store-front window can cost hundreds, adding to the size of your insurance claim. Protect your business and reduce the chances of filing a claim by opting for video monitoring services.

Monitoring services can reduce rates in other ways as well. For example, your insurance provider may offer discounted rates if you opt for third-party monitoring services. Between the reduced chances of being the victim of a crime and the reduced rates, your monitoring service will basically pay for itself.

With that said, not every monitoring service is created equal. Choosing the right one is a must if you want to reduce insurance rates and protect your business. When it comes to video monitoring, no one does it better than Patriot Shield Security.

Our experts have years of experience providing video monitoring in Colorado. We also serve select areas in Missouri, such as Kansas City. Contact us today to get started.


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