[Denver, Colorado – March 13, 2020.] Patriot Shield, the leading secure hemp logistics firm in the industry, is bringing farmers a structured propagation plan for the 2020 season along with access to the best genetics in the country. 

Last year, Patriot Shield transported nearly 5 million hemp seeds, starts, and clones for many of the largest providers of genetics in hemp, and more importantly was there for harvest to see what strains performed across multiple variables. “Hempin’ ain’t easy”, but we understand the hurdles hemp farmers face and have seen what works and what doesn’t. We’ve partnered with the best genetics providers and the best commercial hemp farming operators to bring a real, cost effective solution to our farmers. We have more than just seeds. We have a plan:

Step 1: Choose Your Seed

The first step in any planting plan is to get the right seed for the project. The Patriot hemp experts work with farmers to make recommendations based on acres available, budget, knowledge and experience with hemp. This is done through our catalog of the best-of-the-best in hemp genetics that was hand picked to bring farmers the absolute top of class for every environment and situation. Seeds for as low as $.50

Farmer Friendly Financing options are available on select strains! Patriot Shield is proud to offer a custom solution which will allow our farmers to only PAY HALF UPFRONT! and the remainder out of the proceeds from harvest. VIEW OUR 2020 GENETICS CATALOG.

Step 2: Local Propagation

Patriot Shield has partnered with America’s Hemp Industry Resource, HempLogic, to bring the most cost effective option for the 2020 hemp planting season. Operating directly on location, our system can put the seeds chosen from the Patriot catalog directly into potting trays with soil and nutrients. This cuts out any middleman or nursery for hemp seedlings and clones, and let’s farmers take control of their hemp grow, cutting down on their front end costs. These trays can go directly into greenhouses, or even temporary hoop-houses to propagate. This means cost effective hemp seedlings already acclimated to the field they’ll grow up in for only $.50 per seed.

Step 3: Getting to the Finish Line

Since Patriot Shield is actually offering to carry some of the cost of seeds, it’s 100% dedicated to making sure our farms are successful. Money is committed from every order to top hemp consultants from around the US to help ensure no one is left hanging with unanswered questions. Patriot will commit several hours of phone calls with our consulting partners and discounted services on more active consulting needs. 

Step 4: Harvest Support 

Patriot Shield helped with harvest support operations on hundreds acres of hemp farms in 2019, and has learned how to integrate commercial agricultural practices into this incredibly burdensome crop. It’s team has personally tried, erred, and improved on many strategies from hand harvest to machine harvest, machine drying to field drying, trimming to milling, hanging to racking, and everything in between. 

Step 5: Distribution

The biggest question for hemp farmers is “What do I do with it now?”. Although Patriot Shield can’t guarantee distribution to every farmer it sells seed to, We can guarantee our commitment to help get the hemp ready, and then sell like  paychecks depend on it because it does. We not only have our own retail brand, Veteran HempCo, for a means of distribution, we also have personally worked with nearly every lab in the country through our transport division, and can typically offer significantly better than standard tolling arrangements. 

If you’re a hemp farmer yourself, or know someone who has that all-to-heard horror story about their genetics experience in 2019, help them, help yourself, and help the hemp industry by making sure they not only have the best genetics available, but a plan on what to do next. 

About Patriot Shield:

Founded and managed by U.S. military veterans with deep expertise in logistics and security, Patriot Shield is a leading service provider to all areas of the supply chain in the American cannabis (hemp and marijuana) market, delivering end-to-end hemp logistics solutions — from genetics consulting and seedling transport, to harvest strategy and processing, and product warehousing to distribution. 


Patriot Shield ensures every link in the hemp supply chain is protected — with custom security plans, a veteran guard force, and state-of-the-art technology, like tamper-proofing, GPS tracking, and video monitoring. Starting as a pioneer in the legal interstate transport of hemp in the U.S. through a landmark court case, now has operations or strategic partnerships across the US, including the key markets of California, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania.

From hemp seed to cannabinoid sales, we help our clients maximize revenue and minimize risk.