10 Businesses that Can Benefit from Physical Security

When a crime occurs, most business owners will immediately contact local law enforcement. While this is an essential part of addressing the problem, law enforcement response can be delayed by a variety of factors. By that time, you can lose thousands in merchandise. An even worse outcome is that someone in your business could be harmed by the perpetrator.

The most effective way of securing your business is to employ physical security solutions. Below, you will find 10 businesses that can benefit from having security on-site.

1.  Banks

Banks are some of the most secure private entities in our modern society. Still, a bold criminal element may attempt to victimize one of these institutions, which will endanger staff and customers. Supplementing passive security measures with armed security guards is a great way of protecting clients, employees, and assets.

2.  Cannabis Dispensaries

The legal cannabis industry is booming. The success of this industry means lots of customers and cash. With that said, cannabis security services are becoming a necessity for dispensary owners that want to protect their assets.

3.  Schools

Unfortunately, several schools have become the site of active shooter incidents in recent years. Many of these situations occurred without prior warning signs. The best way to protect your campus and students is to implement armed security solutions.

4.  Medical Facilities

Emergency rooms are tasked with treating a wide variety of patients. This can often include mentally ill subjects and those affiliated with criminal activity. As a result, medical facilities should implement a dedicated security team to protect staff and patients.

5.  Pawn Shops

Like dispensaries, pawn shops are known for having valuable merchandise and a large amount of cash on hand. Protecting these businesses requires a physical security solution. This is especially important for larger pawn shops that operate around the clock.

6.  Churches

Churches have joined the long list of organizations that have been the victim of crimes in recent years. As such, they could benefit from a viable physical security solution. Since active shooter response is the biggest concern, armed security is the best option.

7.  Retailers

Various retail industries deal with theft of property on a near daily basis. Having a physical security presence can deter crime and reduce profit losses. High traffic days, such as weekends and holidays, should receive special security consideration.

8.  Night Clubs

While many night clubs employ their own security staff, having an armed guard at the entrance can improve safety. This is especially important for large clubs in busy areas like Colorado.

9.  Construction Companies

Active construction sites house thousands of dollars in equipment and raw materials. Employing a security solutions team can prevent project delays and protect these resources from theft.

10. Industrial Facilities

Industrial facilities such as manufacturing plants or fulfillment centers can be the target of active shooters as well. Having armed security at key entrances can deter this behavior and protect staff.

Armed Security in Colorado

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